Welcome! And a Talk about Art Style

Welcome! The majority of you coming here have been following the comic for a while now, but if you have just randomly come across this comic, glad to see you ^^. My name is Kayleen and I am the author/artist of this webcomic.

I have been working on SWFC for over a year now, with updates on my deviantart page. However, it is hard to archive or link to every single comic within the dA system. I created this comic to help make it easier for anyone who wants to read the archive without fishing through my gallery.

Also, because this comic is over a year old, you will notice MAJOR changes in the art style--newer comics look NOTHING like this. For one thing, I lost the more realistic-look (if you can call it that) and went for a mix real/anime look. Also, the biggest change would be when I got a tablet for Christmas. The lines in the comics before that time are messy due to me inking THEN scanning, but this all changes when I got my tablet. I will upload the comics up in batches of three of a time until I catch up to my dA site. I WILL CONTINUE TO UPLOAD ON MY DA SITE, so do not worry about there being no new comics.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this comic, both old and new readers ^^


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