Main Cast
Anakin Skywalker
First Comic:Two Familiar Faces
Also known as The Chosen One. Anakin is a Jedi Knight who, while very powerful in the Force, has a bad tendency to let his emotions get the best of him. Anakin is incredibly loyal to those he considers his friends and will do anything in his power to help them, even if it means crossing some boundaries he is not supposed to.Because of this, he was given a padawan--Joone--instead of choosing his own in hopes that she can balance out his emotions with her sense of logic though he doesn't know that part. But that's alright since he has his own secret from the Council: he is married to Padme Amidala.
Joone Brinsen
Joone Brinsen
First Comic: Two New in the Library
Anakin Skywalker's padawan, she was the first in her class to gain a master; she's strong in using the Force and logic, but weak in combat. At first, she didn't know what to think of her arrangement with Anakin, but what little doubts she has vanished as she considers him a good friend. Like her master, she didn't know why she was chosen until Obi-Wan informed her after their first mission. However, the Council's plan might have backfired as she is currently in a forbidden relationship like Anakin; he is also the only one who has any idea of this fact.
Mari ???
First Comic:Two New in the Library
A Jedi Knight who grew up along side Anakin and Darius, Mari decided at an early age that she much prefers the knowledge aspect of being a Jedi than anything else and now works in the Jedi Archive along side Jocasta Nu. She is very calm and rational until someone royally pisses her off--usual punishment comes in the form of working long hours in the Archive sorting out materials. Even worse is in combat, as she can reach a much more focused--and dangerous--state when truly angered, though she has much better control over it than Anakin. Like Anakin and Joone, she is in a secret relationship with Obi-Wan, though Joone is the only one who knows about it.
First Comic:The Friendly Rival
Darius trained along side Mari and Anakin, becoming the later's friendly rival during dueling sessions, which they still participate in from time to time. As much as it begrudges Anakin to say so, he is the only Jedi who can fight at his level. Despite his height, Darius has mastered the art of using the Force in battle, known for his artistic style of aerobatics (aka-flipping) to his advantage. Out of the group, he is probably the most sane.
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi
First Comic:Two Familiar Faces
Anakin's master before he became a Jedi Knight and member of the High Jedi Council. It was he who persuaded the Council to grant Anakin knighthood and also heavily influenced the choice on what padawan to give him. Because of his past with Anakin, Joone turns to him whenever she has trouble with her master, seeing how she has in some ways taken over his former role. Yet Obi-Wan has a rebellious side too, and is in a long-standing relationship with Mari. If Anakin ever discovered this, pretty much all hell will break loose.
Padme Amidala (Skywalker)
First Comic:Guess Who
Former Queen of the planet Naboo, she now serves as her home planet's senator in the Republic. She was with Obi-Wan Kenobi when he and his master discovered young Anakin Skywalker on Tatooine. Over the years, the two became extremely close and, discovering their true feelings, married one another a few years ago; they must keep the relationship secret as it goes against the Jedi code. Some Jedi like Obi-Wan and Mari like her well enough, but keep her at arms length due to her position as a politician, however, she is actually the Jedi's biggest supporter in the Senate (and not just because her husband is one either). Besides Anakin, she gets along pretty well with Joone.
Khrys Jarlian
Khrys Jarlian
First Comic:Enter: That Padawan Boy
Khrys is a padawan the same age as Joone, and the two are each other's best friends pretty much since they first arrived at the Temple as children. He is stronger in combat while he finds his weakness in logic, though he's not as bad as others either; he is the second to find a master, Adi Galla. Similar to Anakin and Padme, Khrys and Joone recently let each other know their true feelings and are currently dating in secret. Anakin has a hunch about this, and dislikes Khrys to the point of hatred as a result (refusing to call him anything but "that BOY") as Anakin has had dreams of Joone crying and calling out Khrys' name. However, he has yet to find any solid proof, thankfully.
Ootini (formally "Darth Ootini")
First Comic:"Evil" Sith Lord Darth Ootini
Ootini is a Jawa who got fed up with the life he lived on Tatooine. Looking for a way off, he was greeted by Darth Sideous. He must have found SOME redeeming quality in the little Jawa and took him to become a dark lord, though Sideous already has an apprentice and Ootini holds no connection with the Force whatsoever. He is also doesn't think everything though, making him a pathetic Sith. He was discovered by the Jedi when he kidnapped Padme instead of Joone. Joone has since run into him again and told him to give up his Sith lifestyle; during said talk Ootini developed a bit of a crush on the padawan girl. Ootini followed Joone's advice and gave up his Sith ways and hasn't shown up since, though there are signs of him every once in a while.
Chancellor Palpatine
First Comic:A Familiar and REALLY OLD Face...
Former Senator of Naboo, Palpatine (aka-Palpy as Joone mocks him when he's not around) serves as the Chancellor of the Republic now. Though he seems to be very busy--more so than usual lately--he always seems to know what Anakin is up to and has since Anakin was first brought to the Temple. Anakin seems to be alright with him for the most part, but Palpatine's first introduction to his padawan left Joone with a bad taste in her mouth, so to speak, feeling that something just isn't right with him...
Secondary Cast
Mace Windu: Jedi Master and serves on the High Council. Very serious man who doesn't have much faith in Anakin.

Yoda: Jedi Master and serves on the High Council. Pretty much the main guy in charge as he has served over 800 years on Council.

Adi Gallia: Jedi Master and serves on the High Council. Recently took on Khrys as her newest padawan.

Whie, Scout, Bene, Barriss, Lumas, Zett: Padwans in the same age group of Joone and Khrys. They are taken from actual Star Wars canon, mostly the books.

Nanlaien:Jedi Knight who works on Dantooine doing research on nature as well as the Force on the planet.

Marina Veres: An ambassador from Alderan who the Jedi helped protect on a mission to Vania.

Adriana Veres:Marina's twin sister who acts as her over-protective bodyguard.

Bail Organa:Senator from Alderan; good friends with Padme and as a result, Anakin.

Lord Palmers:Ruler of the planet Mottel. Quite nice, but a little on the vain side.

Simmons:Palmer's assistant.

Xany, Dani, Nic: Group of mercenaries Mari and Darius hire to help them out on Mottel.

Xun Yu:Kidnapped Darius and smuggled illegal drugs. Killed by Anakin when he shot Joone.

Gavril:Leader of Vania who tried kidnapping Marina Veres to use as leverage against Alderan--seemed to be working with someone. Vanished without a trace.

Lilith, Joachim, Cain:Gavil's followers. Joachim didn't seem very comfortable with the plan, however.

Taie:Thief who stole important planet treasure on Mottel.

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