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A "Star Wars" fan comic that takes place in an alternate universe during the time between Episodes II and III, with faces both new and old (or, in Palpatine's case, REALLY old).

New Comics, Site Being Dumb

Well, I have two new comics to upload, but alas, Smack Jeeves isn't working for me in the comic-upload section at the moment. *cries* I'll have to try later on, or if not, I'll go to a computer lab on Monday to upload them there. While that sucks, there would be a possibility of another additional new comic at if that is the case ^_^



Updates Coming Soon!

Hey guys! I noticed I had gained a few more new readers so I thought I take the time to say "Hi!" and thanks for reading the comic!

I am currently sick (yuck--blame stress) and am waiting for a friend to contact me as her character will be appearing in the next comic. I hope to have it up shortly (she's getting a rather nice time limit here).

Anyway, I hope you are all doing well and hope to see you when the next comic comes out!


Sorry For Lack o Updates--Reasons

Hey guys. Just wanted to say sorry for the lack of updates this past month. Within the past four weeks, I started college up again AND my best friend found out he was moving to the other side of the world, leaving last Friday. Plus there was personal drama that everyone has, and me taking the GRE (and finding out I need to RE-take it -_-)

But I hope to have more freetime coming up to work on the comic some more. Until then, ciao!


Two Year Anniversery

Yesterday marked the two year anniversey of when I uploaded the first SWFC to my deviantart site. If you are interested, check out my dA page (link is in the links section) and put in a request for a SWFC picture. If you are not a member of dA, you can put in a request here--just reply to this news post.

Enjoy the new comic as well! ~Kayleen~

Uploading Schedule

Now that this website is caught up with those posted on Deviantart, I will upload this site as soon as I finish uploading the comic to dA. Yet because I work during the summers, I have a very strange schedule, so there is no definate update schedule for SWFC. However, I make it my goal to try to upload at least one comic per week unless I am on vacation. I usually update more often that that, but that is my fall-back.

I hope you guys are enjoying the comic! Stay tuned for more SWFC goodness! ~Kayleen~

Getting Closer...

Well, I am getting closer to having all the comics already created up onto this site. The dA site is up to Comic 123, and seeing how easy it is to upload here, I should be caught up by Sunday. I hope you all are enjoying them as much as I love creating them ^_^

Any comments or questions? Fel free to send me a message!


Welcome! And a Talk about Art Style

Welcome! The majority of you coming here have been following the comic for a while now, but if you have just randomly come across this comic, glad to see you ^^. My name is Kayleen and I am the author/artist of this webcomic.

I have been working on SWFC for over a year now, with updates on my deviantart page. However, it is hard to archive or link to every single comic within the dA system. I created this comic to help make it easier for anyone who wants to read the archive without fishing through my gallery.

Also, because this comic is over a year old, you will notice MAJOR changes in the art style--newer comics look NOTHING like this. For one thing, I lost the more realistic-look (if you can call it that) and went for a mix real/anime look. Also, the biggest change would be when I got a tablet for Christmas. The lines in the comics before that time are messy due to me inking THEN scanning, but this all changes when I got my tablet. I will upload the comics up in batches of three of a time until I catch up to my dA site. I WILL CONTINUE TO UPLOAD ON MY DA SITE, so do not worry about there being no new comics.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this comic, both old and new readers ^^


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